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Scout Franchise

How I Became a Scout

At 18 I knew the traditional college path was not for me.

I went to work.

One job turned into another. I did everything. From running wire in the desert of New Mexico to a medical construction start up and even, delivering drink machines. I worked my way to Plant Manager of a national lumber company.

After 18 years of making businesses successful and making other people money, I looked around and saw I had only worked my way to the top of the middle.

I wanted more.

I took a risk and left manufacturing to join a franchise. As I watched my career take off and my greatest dreams come true, I understood how a good franchise could change someone’s life.

That’s why I started Scout Franchise Guide.

I want to help people just like me – tired of the 9 to 5.

Tired of not being in control of their destiny.

Ready to make a move and see their dreams realized.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll take a minute to see how the right franchise could work for you.

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